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Wednesday 12th June 2024 | Telephone numbers on TPS: 16,769,843 | Telephone numbers on CTPS: 1,319,573 | Total numbers registered: 18,089,416

121prodata Services

Marketing Support – to get better results
  • Get better returns from your direct & digital marketing campaigns
    • customer and member acquisition and retention
    • marketing data - collecting and purchasing
    • prospect identification and lead generation
    • digital content and email marketing
    • website content management system administration
    • marketing application integration and process automation
    • customer research
    • boosting event attendance.
  • General Data Protection Regulation and PECR/ePrivacy Regulation
    • advice and guidance - face-to-face, call or email
    • principles of the legislation - step by step
    • personal data audit and data controller & processor documentation
    • selecting the most appropriate legal bases for different types of processing
    • Legitimate Interest Assessments (LIAs)
    • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
    • privacy notice and policy development
    • optimising layered data collection privacy notices
    • ensuring databases can store relevant evidence and marketing permissions
    • data processing agreements for data processors and sub-processors
    • subject access request and breach notification policies and procedures.

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Marketing Campaign Outsourcing – to save time and money
  • If you would like to outsource some or all of your marketing activity, we can help. You can benefit from lessons learned from the 1,000+ campaigns that we've delivered.
  • You can ask us to be the lead contractor to take control of delivering outsourced campaigns, or ask us to just to manage them for you to save you time.
  • You can also get our help to develop outsourced campaign strategies and supplier briefing requirements.
  • Don’t risk trial-and-error. Ask us to recommend best-fit suppliers for you - for telemarketing (including home workers, offshore, specialist agencies and multi-lingual contacts centres), email marketing, direct mail or fully-integrated multi-channel campaigns.
  • You can get a short list of carefully selected suppliers that we know will suit your needs – reducing your time, effort and the risk associated with choosing an unknown company.
  • Depending on your resources and objectives, we can oversee the entire marketing supplier selection process from creating the short list of potential suppliers, writing the RFP, negotiating favourable agreements, managing the set up and implementation of your campaign. Or we can do only the parts of the marketing outsourcing process that you don’t have the time or expertise to do yourself.

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Telephone Preference Service (TPS) & Suppressions –
to keep your data legally-compliant
  • Pay less for TPS screening and get a better service too – using our Online Self-service TPS checker via this website.
  • This website offers the fastest and easiest to use TPS screening available – so there’s no waiting around for someone else to send you the results.
  • Or you can choose our Managed Service if you don’t have the time or expertise to prepare your telephone numbers for screening.
  • Use our TPS API to automate TPS checking by integrating it with your CRM, application or dialler. There's an API for single number and another for bulk TPS checks.
  • You can also ask us to help with your data suppressions to clean your data including – Fax Preference Service (FPS), Mail Preference Service (MPS), BT OSIS, Post Office Address File (PAF), National Change of Address File (NCOA), Goneaway Suppression File (GAS), The Bereavement Register, The Deceased Register, Mortascreen & National Suppression File (NSF).

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Data Cleaning & Customer Intelligence –
to improve data quality, response rates and compliance
  • FREE Data Quality Audit – no obligation, B2B and B2C – provides detailed information about the quality of your data and how it be cleaned to help comply with current data protection legislation.
  • Data purchase, database building, cleaning, deduplication, enhancement, insight and analytics are all specialities of 121prodata. You will also pay less than you would by approaching the seller directly too if you decide to go ahead.
  • Saving you time and money and minimising the risk of brand damage resulting from incomplete, inaccurate or inconsistent prospect and customer data. Improving your return on marketing investment by optimising data quality, targeting and actionable insight.
  • Helping you to source the best GDPR-compliant list for direct marketing, undertake a full database enhancement project or maximise your customer intelligence.

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