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Friday 19th July 2024 | Telephone numbers on TPS: 16,787,410 | Telephone numbers on CTPS: 1,312,558 | Total numbers registered: 18,099,968

TPS and CTPS Services

TPS and CTPS Services

121prodata offers three ways to TPS check your telephone numbers. All three services use the same TPS credits.
One TPS credit = one telephone number checked against both the TPS and CTPS registers.

TPS and CTPS Checker - Online Self-service

Use this website 24/7/365 to screen your telephone numbers in seconds. You can simply upload a list of telephone numbers that you need to TPS and CTPS check that you have 'Saved as' a Comma Separated Value (.csv) or Text (.txt) file. You can also check single numbers one at a time and get an instant notification directly on-screen via your internet browser to tell you if a number is OK to call or not.

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TPS and CTPS Managed Checks

We can manage the TPS and CTPS screening for you. You send us the list(s) of numbers. We’ll prepare and screen them and send the results back to you. We will just need sight of the data before confirming costs. Just contact us to get started.

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If you would like to integrate TPS and CTPS telephone number screening into your dialler, CRM, or other application to automate checks, please ask your technical team to take a look at our API documentation.

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Benefits of Using 121prodata

  • 121prodata is a full TPS and CTPS licensee and our register data is updated daily. So you can be certain it’s the most up to date available.
  • Your checks will screen against both TPS and CTPS registers automatically. This is recommended by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and ensures thoroughness.
  • A full audit trail for all the checks you make are retained within your online account. This will help you evidence legal compliance to the ICO, if required.
  • Our Guarantee ensures that we assist you should the ICO ask for evidence of your TPS checks.
  • Costs are very competitive. You can purchase on a pay as you go basis, or minimise the cost per credit/number checked by purchasing higher quantities.
    Take a look at our Pricing.
  • For high volume users, unlimited use is available. This can be arranged for a fixed monthly cost that is significantly more competitive than purchasing full TPS and CTPS licences yourself directly.
Please Contact Us for more details.