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TPS API Integration Documentation

Our API is built to be extremely simple to use.


What's It For?


Our API allows you to create an integration that automates checks for single numbers or bulk numbers against both the TPS and CTPS registers.


The API can be used to integrate TPS checking for your CRM application, web-based application, contact management, dialler or other in-house or third party application.

It gives you the facility to be able to quickly check single UK telephone numbers (Single Number Check) or larger groups of numbers (Bulk Number Check), in almost real-time.


Getting Started


You can use our API in test mode without a 121prodata account. To do this, please take a look at the Testing section within the relevant API document.


To use our API you will need to register with our website.

Once you have an account you will then be able to purchase single number credits online which will be automatically added to your account, or you can contact us if you would prefer to discuss options for invoicing and payments. Both APIs use the same single number credits.

Once your account has single number credits added, you can then contact us and ask us to enable your account for API use and generate your unique token.


Single Number Check API Documentation

Bulk Number Check API Documentation



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