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File Guidelines

We have recently improved the TPS checker to enable you to include telephone numbers with or without a leading zero, as well as international dialling codes. 

This should cut the time you need to spend preparing telephone numbers for checking.

There are a few simple but important guidelines for preparing your telephone numbers for cleaning.

Your file will be matched against one or more of the preference service registers using an automated process.

The register is compiled from full UK area code and telephone number only.

If you need any help to ensure that your telephone numbers are formatted correctly, please contact us.

Please Remove:

  • Telephone extension numbers e.g. x4536 or other numbers that are not part of the main telephone number
  • Multiple telephone numbers in the same record.  The checker cannot screen multiple numbers in the same field e.g. 07802861197/01451860805
  • Database control characters. If any of these characters are imbedded in your file it is unlikely that you will get an accurate result. Please remove carriage returns or blank spaces after the last telephone number digit before uploading your file. If you need help with this please contact us.

Your telephone number file should:

  • Be in a plain text format , either .csv or .txt. The easiest way to do this is from MS Excel. When you have prepared your numbers, use File/Save As and select Save As Type ‘CSV (comma delimited) (*.csv)’ below the file name you have entered before clicking Save.  The checker will still work properly if you include one or more of the following:
    • international dialling codes e.g. +44 or 0044
    • non-numeric characters e.g. brackets, hyphens etc.
    • telephone numbers with or without a leading zero e.g. 01451 860105 or 1451860805 and with or without spaces, or a combination of the two
  • Be a maximum of 4 Megabytes. If your file is larger you can split it up or contact us for help.
  • Files must contain one telephone number per line. An example of a file opened in Notepad is shown below.

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